Storing Wedding Memories in Film

wedding-photographyGoing to a good friend’s wedding is always exciting. I love seeing friends start a new life with the love of their lives, and I am happy to be able to share this wonderful moment with them. Every wedding is unique and different, with the couples bringing a part of themselves into the day.

I also look forward to seeing how the wedding photos turn out. Wedding photography has become very creative in the past few years, and I love browsing through romantic and special photos of the ceremonies I have been to.

Last weekend was another day for me to see friends getting hitched. This time, the bride was someone very close to my heart, someone I had known since childhood. Therefore, I was not just a guest, in fact, I was one of the bridesmaids. Not only could would I be seeing photos, but I was actually taking part in the wedding photography session in Ballarat. I was, naturally, very excited about this event.

Before the day itself, my friend and the bride incorporated us in some of the planning of the ceremony. This way, we knew what to expect and what we are supposed to do on this day. Although we had not met the photography team, we knew how the sessions will more or less go. Basically, there was going to be three parts divided during the day:

  1. The Preparation

The photographers were going to document every moment of this day. This means even the preparation when the bride gets her hair and make-up done. We, as bridesmaids, were also important because we were helping her get ready. This is more than just a photo opportunity, this is also a wonderful moment between girlfriends. For us, this was the time to share our excitement with the bride as she starts a new stage in her life. As we talk about honeymoon plans and joke around, drink some champagne to have fun, the photography team was able to capture this. I am sure, many years from now, when I see the pictures, I would remember the laughs, the excitement, and the hope we feel for our friend as she prepared to marry the love of her life.

The bride also had her special moment as she posed for the photographers in her beautiful gown. I have to admit, it brought a few tears to my eyes seeing her so breathtakingly stunning. I can only imagine at this point how her groom would react seeing her walk down the aisle.

Afterward, there was the session of the bride with her bridesmaids. We were all, by this time, wearing our gowns as well. This was also a fun and exciting part, as we posed for photos in the scenic garden where the wedding was taking place.

  1. The Ceremony

Finally, it was time to see my friend getting married. The photographers were, of course, waiting with their cameras and waiting to capture every moment of it. From the moment we walk down the aisle to when the bride takes her walk, the cameras were there to shoot everything.

As they exchange vows and say their “I dos”, you could see some eyes tearing up. After all, most of us were overwhelmed with joy for them and you could simply feel the deep love they felt for each other. It was wonderful having the photographers documenting everything because the bride and groom would love to see in the future how touched we all were in this moment. In fact, this is one of the most important reasons why these wedding photos are important so that they can view the ceremony from different angles.

As they also walked out as husband and wife and shared their first kiss, we were cheering and so happy for the newlyweds. And of course, these important moments were also captured in film.

  1. The Reception

After the ceremony, some group photos were taken, and the team also proceeded to the reception to photograph the picture-perfect venue. All the tiny details, the beautiful tables and the wedding cake that the planners have carefully prepared were, this time, the subject. It was also important to record them in film before the guests arrived.

Soon after, it was party time. The mood was great, celebratory and we were all ready to have fun. However, first came some traditional moments that were also part of the documentation, for example, the couple cutting the cake and feeding each other, the first dance and the speeches. The great photography team patiently and meticulously kept their eyes open for wonderful shots and captured all the memorable moments of the reception. However, as the program ended and the party began, they finally took their break and what happened as people started getting a bit wild and drunk remained undocumented. Some moments are better left only in our memories, after all.

Maybe some people view wedding photography as a luxury, another expensive cost that the bride and groom have to pay for. However, it serves a very important purpose in giving the couple wonderful memories of the best day of their lives. As I also participated in the wedding photography session, I could finally understand it as well. This day was only going to happen once, but through photos, we could relive it over and over again in the future.

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Photography Made Me Experience Relaxation


My kids are almost grown up now and I am proud of myself because I was able to make them healthy and really good people. For many years, I have strived hard to really provide everything they need. I worked hard in my chosen career while at the same time made sure that I do my responsibilities as a mother well. During those years, I have noticed that I became more prone to stress as the years pass by. Feeling so much stress prompted me to consider doing things that will relax me and ease my stress away. I was even more convinced when my best friend told me about the benefits of relaxation.   

When I invited her for a conversation over tea in my mini garden, she explained to me the many health benefits of doing relaxation activities. For one, relaxation protects the heart from stress that may cause heart problems such as heart attacks and high blood pressure. The other benefits include lower risk of catching cold, lower risk of stroke, boost in memory, better decision-making, protection from depression, maintained slim body, good mood, and many others. In general, making sure that the body undergoes relaxation on a regular basis prove to have some really significant health benefits. In the long run, engaging in activities that relaxes the body and mind can keep us strong physically, mentally and emotionally. So, I asked her about the best activities to experience relaxation.  She recommended photography.    

I have been doing photography for almost a year now. One of the striking things about the craft that has become my hobby now is that I don’t have to rely on synthetic over the counter drugs such as tranquilizers. I don’t have to suffer from the side effects of continuously taking synthetic drugs. Tranquilizers may be effective in relieving our body of stress but it can lead to other complications because of the synthetic ingredients. So, engaging in photography has protected me from these seemingly good substances but actually can actually cause harm in the long run. It is like I am having a natural way of relieving myself of stress.

When I was just starting taking photos, I was like a little kid because I had to learn about and discover the different parts of a DSLR camera. Yes, I bought a DSLR camera because I want to take photos with high resolution. I want to create art out of the photos I take. This is why I now have large sized photos that are framed and is displayed in my house and many of my relatives’ respective houses. During the first weeks of spending time with my new gadget, there were times that I get amaze after discovering new functions and features and how I can use them to capture photos with better quality. Those experiences alone have helped me feel relaxed and not think about the demanding tasks at work and my responsibilities at home.

What’s also relaxing about taking photos is the fact that I am in front of my subjects that are stunning and breathtaking. I am fond of landscape photography, so I had to go to places where there are great landscapes such as views of lakes, forests, mountains, fields, and even skylines. Being in front of these beautiful natural sceneries effectively relieves me of the stress I get from the busy workplace and noisy city. In addition, because these places are abundant in plants and trees, I am able to breathe in cleaner air. I have learned that inhaling more fresh oxygen really does a lot in terms of reinvigorating the body. It also helps in the proper circulation of the blood from the heart to the different systems and organs.

Another relaxing benefit of photography is the fact that it helps me become more focused in the things I do. When capturing the sceneries and framing them within the scope of the camera’s lens, I have to focus to ensure that I am framing the most beautiful part of each landscape. Because I don’t have time limit, I don’t feel any pressure and, as a result, relaxes my mind and body because I am also able to enjoy what I am looking at.

Lately, I am into nature and wildlife photography. I love it because I also get to see and mingle with different plants and animals. With these undeniable benefits, I also encourage others to try photography and discover how it can help in relaxation.

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The Benefits of Swimming for Babies

swimming-for-babiesThe early days, weeks and months of your child are one of the crucial stages in his or her life because it is the time when many parts of him or her is developing. For one, it is the time when the brain keeps growing and the cognitive functions start to manifest. It is also the time when you will notice rapid changes in the body over the course of a few weeks and months. Though the body is far softer, sensitive and delicate as compared to the body of an adult, it is truly beneficial to let and teach him or her to swim in a safe pool. Yes, swimming is an activity that can make your baby stronger and smarter. Medical and health care experts actually highly recommend swimming for babies.

If you’re not convinced about the benefits of swimming for babies, below are the top reasons why should allow your baby play in the pool:  

Basic Life Saving and Water Awareness

When babies are exposed to water at such a very young age, they will become comfortable with it and will not find it difficult later on to survive in accidents like sinking of ship, rapid flooding, and others that involve water. This is because they will not have the tendency to panic and, as a result, will know what to do in times of accidents or situations that require survival. Though you can do the teaching yourself, it is still far better to leave the task to the professionals who teach in swimming classes. Part of the swimming classes is the basic skills for water safety. In this way, babies become more aware of the water and the safety measures they can apply later on. When babies continue to attend regular classes, they will definitely gain respect for water and will never get intimidated by it.   

Physical Independence and Self Awareness

One of the striking and very helpful benefits of being submerged in water is the sensation and feeling of self-awareness. When you are in water, you feel the water that goes against your body, which in turn makes you also full aware of your physicality. When not in water, like just lying on the bed, a baby will never learn how to move quickly. But whenever babies are floating on water, they can freely move their hands, feet, and other parts of the body without getting injuries. They are able to move and exercise their bones and muscles without the risk of suffering from joint pains as well. But more than these, they are also able to learn coordination and balance. This is something that will be very beneficial and advantageous as they continue to grow. They won’t difficulty in learning other things and doing other activities that require coordination and balance.

Self-Esteem and Confidence

There are two ways by which babies are able to build their high level of confidence and self-esteem. One is when they learn how to float on water, how to move with balance, and how not to shrunk at the bottom of the pool. When they are able to do these, they become confident because they discovered that they can do something that proves they are skilled and capable. Another way they gain high self-esteem and confidence is whenever they get recognition and praises for their achievements. In swimming classes, babies are praised for every achievement they earn.

Brain Development

Aside from providing the babies breast milk and healthy food, they are also able to develop their brain when they engage in activities like swimming. Whenever they are in class, the physical awareness they discover, the independence they feel, the association the learn, and the many experiences they encounter every day are all contributing to the further and healthier development of their brain. These things stimulate their senses and, thus, develop and speedily improve their cognitive functions.

Social Skills

Learning how to socialize is a very important lesson that every person should be taught about. When they don’t learn this at a young age, they will probably have a hard time mingling and socializing with others when they are in public places like the school. Part also of the process is learning about team work, independence and good social skills.

Healthy Lifestyle

Today, there are many people that suffer from illnesses at a very young age because they don’t do exercises or physically challenging activities. But when you enroll your babies in swimming classes, you are teaching them to have a healthy and active lifestyle. This is something that they will continue to do as they grow up because they got used to doing it while they are very young.

Undeniably, swimming is very beneficial and has a lot of advantages for babies until they become kids and adults later on.

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Finding the Right Kind of Meditation for You

meditationMeditation is not just for those who are overly stressed or anxious, it is, in fact, for everyone. There are many different types of meditation catering to whatever personal reason you have for incorporating it into your routine. It is definitely more than the stereotype of sitting quietly and emptying the mind.

Although there are traditional beliefs and practices of meditation that have been popular for centuries, newer, Western styles have also come up. There is no better or worse type because you can still reap the scientifically proven benefits of reduced anxiety, lower stress levels, better health and increased happiness.

So how do you know which one is the one to practice? No one can really tell you because it is a personal choice. Different types may have their own unique steps and purposes. In the end, it is all about finding which one compliments your soul the best and which one you can continuously do. You may even try out several first before finding the one that suits you best. The important thing is to be aware of your motivations and goals in meditating. It might also help to identify which practices help you concentrate or relax, whether it’s total silence, using mantras or even movement.

Your meditation sessions do not need to be complex. In fact, it should be the direct opposite, you should be comfortable and it should appeal to your true self. It should help you achieve your goals and allow you to connect with your deeper thoughts and feelings.


Here are some of the most popular types of meditation that you can start with:

  1. Primordial Sound Meditation (PSM)

This is a silent type where you use a mantra, which is the sound the universe was creating when and where you were born. This is calculated through various Vedic formulas and is specific to an individual. You will repeat this sound in your mind to be able to delve deeper into yourself, moving away from the intellectual side of your brain. This kind is normally done sitting down and the main focus is to be comfortable.

  1. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MSBR)

One of the newer types of meditation, MSBR was started in 1979 by Jon Kabat-Zinn. It is very popular in medical clinics and hospitals to forge a partnership between the medical staff and the patient. They are also taught by doctors and other health care professionals.


This technique teaches you to focus on you inhaling and exhaling (breath awareness). At the same time, you are told to focus on your physical body starting from your toes going up. This allows you to release tension in your body. It may be done sitting or laying down, but also while walking.

  1. Zen or Zazen

The name means “seated meditation”, and traces its roots from Buddhism. Practitioners acquire insight by paying attention to the breath and mind and by interacting with the teacher.

This type aims for enlightenment and achieving insight into the Buddhist teachings. Your teacher will instruct you on these Sutras (teachings or scriptures) and other doctrines.

  1. Transcendental Meditation (TM)

This kind was founded by Maharashi Mahesh Yogi and became popular because of its famous practitioners like the Beatles. The practice uses a mantra or a series of Sanskrit words to help you focus while meditating. Much like in Primordial Sound Meditation, this mantra is also specific to the individual, based on factors like the year of birth and gender. It also depends on the teacher, as they receive a list of mantras to use depending on the year they did their training. This type of meditation is also done while seated.

  1. Kundalini Yoga

Another traditional type of meditation, it contains very specific and practical tools to support the mind and guide the body. This is achieved through focusing on the breath, using mantras, mudra (or hand positions), and focus. There are many techniques included in the Kundalini Yoga tradition.

There are hundred of meditations catered to specific applications, for example, to reduce stress, stop addiction, increase vitality and many others. To determine which meditation to practice, you need to work with a teacher.

These 5 represent only a very small percentage of meditation types that exist out there. Although you might want to try different ones out, there is a chance that you will find something perfect for you already on this list. There is really no one rule or one way to meditate, although you will need to learn some proper techniques based on the type you decide to practice.

Again, you do not necessarily need to believe in a specific religion or ideology to practice meditation, so long as your goals are met, then there should be no reason why you shouldn’t incorporate it into your routine. Just remember that problems will not suddenly solve themselves by meditating, but it can bring you peace, whatever your situation may be.

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Remain Wrinkle-Free By Making These Simple Changes In Your Routine

under-eye-skin-careAging and showing signs of aging are two things that are very hard deal with for most men and women. You will be surprised to know that some of our unhealthy habits and lack of proper physical workout on a daily basis are the main reasons because of which we start developing wrinkles over a period of time. If you stop with some unhealthy habits of yours and develop a few healthy habits then the quality of the skin that you have will improve to a very high extent in a very short span of time. Good health often reflects on your skin.

download-1The first and foremost thing that you should do is to stop smoking if you smoke cigarettes on a fairly regular basis. The truth is that the impact that smoking has on our skin is disastrous, to say the least. If you continue smoking for a long period of time then the quality of your skin will decrease even further. So, if you are not a smoker then please stay away from this habit. In case you are a smoker, you must make sure that you get rid of this habit as soon as you can. The quality of your skin is not the only reason because of which you should do it. There are many other benefits that your overall health will have if you quit.

The one habit that you must start at all costs is to make sure that you drink plenty of water. In fact, it can be said that the amount of water in our body is one of the most important things which determine the quality of our skin. If you drink sufficient quantities of water on a regular basis then you will not develop wrinkles until and unless you have aged a fair lot. So, please ensure that you drink as much water as you can in order to make sure that you are healthy and have glowing skin that is free from all signs of aging including wrinkles.

botox-picThe diet that you eat is another vital factor that is detrimental to the quality of your skin as well as the glow that is exuded from it. The fact is that if you eat a balanced diet which has all the nutrients that your body needs then your skin will reflect your good health. A balanced diet should be consumed not just for the benefits that it will have for your skin but for a variety of other reasons. Unless and until you eat a balanced diet you can’t be as healthy as possible. So, you need to eat a balanced diet in order to ensure good skin quality for a long time.

Working out on a regular basis is also one of the most crucial things that have a lot of impact on the quality of your skin. It is vital that you perform physical workouts on a daily basis if you want to free your skin of wrinkles.

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