Wide angle lens test

Picked up a Canon 10-22mm 3.5/4.5f. USM and doing side by side comparisons with the Tokina 11-16mm 2.8f. DX ii.

Results so far.
Tokina is heavier and better at low light but has a softer focus on the edges and also has a better color to the photo.
Canon is clear and crisp but has a slower aperture setting it also gives more zoom abilities and also can focus at a shorter distance.
Both lenses do a good job keeping lines somewhat normal for being a
ultra wide angle and are both very well made.
Both lenses are hovering around 600$

Hennessy Hammock Expedition Zip in Colorado

It’s a great portable shelter that can be set up quick and easily that provides protection from bugs with mesh netting that runs the full length of the hammock, and a wind/ sun/ rain shelter with the rainfly.

Hennessy Hammock
Expedition Zip 2lbs
Height limit: 6′ tall / 180 cm
Weight limit: 250 lbs / 115 kg
Hammock fabric: 210 D oxford nylon
Hammock dimensions: 100″ x 52″‘ (diagonal)
Mesh: 30D polyester No-See-Um netting
Suspending ropes: 10′ long 1600 lb. test polyester rope

30D Silnylon Monsoon Rainfly
18 oz. 8 tie out points including side panels for harsh conditions
shock cord & nylon cord provided

Signal Mountain
Estes Park Colorado

Alcohol Penny Stove

8 oz water 5-6 minutes

First penny stove that I made figured a short film would be interesting hopefully testing this out camping in Colorado

Alcohol Penny Stove from Patrick Mullen on Vimeo.

Winter camping in endless snow.

Hennessy Hammock Safari Zip in winter use. After work friday night headed up to the mountains to get some ledgit winter camping under the belt, ended up snowing the whole time from friday at 10:00 P.M. till saturday at 3:00 P.M. decided to make it back to the car since the snow has not let up and with 8" inches of New snow it was going to be a trek back to a car buried with new snow. Always learning something out on the adventures from staying dry, finding dry fire wood, being resourceful with objects laying around. Buried logs in the snow for the rain fly to attach to walls held up good with the snow piling up.

I planned for two nights of camping but ended up making the call to get out of the snow before it was to late. It was a good idea

3 camping trips 3 weekends in a row

Signal Mountain Solo 3 mile adventure looking for snow not to much snow at Pingree Park

3' feet of snow up in the Snowy Range Mountains no new snow looking to test the hammock with fresh snow.

8" inches of new snow had fallen since friday 10:00p.m. till saturday 3:00 p.m.

Deep powder/ windy weather/ winter camping

Fresh Tracks trekking through the woods

Trekking through the real deep snow I've wanted to find and test out the MSR Denalis proved to float better with the 6" inch tails. 3'-4' of powder was around this weekend. It was a first for that much snow winter camping. Photo Props: Lane

This was our base camp for the night our front yard was a perfect place to snowboard on. Next time....

This weekend made it up to the Snowy Range Mountains to get some ledgit winter camping under the belt. The Hennessy Hammock proved to be a great shelter the bigger rain fly is key to being able to have some living room area under windy conditions. Ended up hiking around 3 miles roundtrip near the top we walked off the trail to find fresh new snow to camp near. The mornings sunrise was a great view from the mountain we were on facing east.

Lane's setup Alps Mountaineering tent

Lane and I made a very nice snow wall all around the fire. Even with the high walls the smoke would get bad when fire needed more wood. It takes a lot of energy moving around on a mountain and when things go wrong it gets frustrating but the reward always out balances everything and it seems to be a test from mother nature.

Hennessy Hammock Safari Zip 2013

Morning sunshine in the Hennessy Hammock woke me up so I climbed out to get some photographs. Burying the side of the rain fly into the snow proved to be a great wind shelter wall to keep the wind away

We camped on a epic place to snowboard on. Next time I will have my snowboard Good times

Lane descending down into the valley about 30 seconds later the snow almost gave out from under his feet. This happened a few other times so we decided to stay of flat ground when we were exploring without the heavy back packs.

We both had some new snow shoes to try out and this weekend was a ledgit place to test them out.


Hennessy Hammock Safari zip

Signal Mountain Trail Roundtrip: 12.0 miles
Total elev. chg.: 3,104′
High elevation: 11,200′
Rating: difficult
TH open year round
The lower portion of this trail follows the pleasant banks of Pennock Creek through shady forest at the bottom of a deep valley, while the upper portion tops out on the alpine tundra on the flank of Signal Mountain.

Thank you Hennessy Hammock. Stoked for the Safari Zip Defiantly like the bigger rainfly and also there is more room to move around. Spent the night warm in the 20's Good solo 5 mile roundtrip hike out to signal mountain

Trekking poles doubled as a way to create more room under the rainfly. Cooking was easy and the hammock provided a nice wind sheld

Found a nice spot to hang out with a good morning hike up to the sunrise.

Hennessy Hammock Safari Zip 2013

Received my Free Hennessy Hammock Safari zip and tee shirt today in the mail. Stoked

Relaxing and beng productive in the back yard first time set up the safari has much more room to relax than my Hennessy Hammock Expedition.

After years of updating my hiking / camping gear…..

So after years of purchasing gear this is the list of the things that keep me dry and comfortable in adverse conditions. Bag weighing in around 45 lbs depending on weather situations this is more leaning on the cold weather stuff to keep me warm and dry. My hiking boots have seen over hundreds of miles of trails an update is needed…. This is my life and I thrive outdoors when most people avoid the snow or rain, or wind those are my favorite times to get out and explore. I feel at home in the great outdoors connecting with the energy from nature.

Camera setup:
Canon 40D, or Canon Elph 300HS point and shoot, and a mini tripod

Sleeping setup:
GoLite Shangri-la 3 tent , Big Agnes 3″ sleeping pad, Tyvek foot print, Black , The NorthFace Cats meow 20 degree sleeping bag, Grand Trunk Hammock

Cooking setup:
GSI Soloist cookset, MSR Pocket Rocket Stove,

Water Purification setup:
MSR Water Filter, Iodine Tablets, MSR Stove (boil water), 2 Nalgene water bottles.

Light setup:
2012 200 lumen Black Diamond Icon, Black Diamond back up 20 lumen headlamp, Laser Flashlight, Candle Lantern (9 hours of light)

Knife / Multi Tool Setup:
Gerber Suspension Multitool, Gerber 3″ pocket knife

Making Fire setup:
Lighter, Light My Fire Fire Steel, Grandpa’s Wax Fire starter, Steel Wool, UCO Storm Proof Matches (even work underwater)

Backpack setup:
Mountainsmith 75 liter backpack, Military Grade Compass, Black Diamond Trekking Poles, Sunglasses, extra rope and line, bear spray, , 2 bandanas, emergency kit, toilet paper, extra batteries, [small water proof case emergency kit for fire, fishing, trapping, energy] 3 different Seal Line waterproof bags, National Geographic Topo maps, , Sea to summit biodegradable soap, sunblock.

Rain gear set up:
Golite Goretex rain jacket, Red Ledge rain pants, golite poncho/tarp.

Cold weather setup:
Outdoor Research full face mask, Outdoor Research -20 degree gloves, The Northface Windproof beanie, 3 pairs of wool socks, MSR quick dry towel, Nylon Pants, Coldpruf pants, Thermal tee, Northface fleese, Northface vest,

Hiking Boots / Cold Weather boots
Merrel hiking boots, Keen – 40 degree boots, Kahtoola ice cleats (for icy conditions)

This is the gear that keeps me dry and comfortable in some adverse conditions.