Space 2012

12/12/2012 4:14 A.M.

BlackLight Space

8 hours total time on this sketch.
Took a long time naming the stars and their symbols in the constellations, shading, and layering dots. This is a small fraction of the sky above. The Northstar (Polaris) can be found from the two stars on the bowl part of the Big Dipper (URSA MAJOR) and also Cassopia if you follow the middle star of the W. These two constellations are simple ways to find The Northstar.

Star map of the polaris and a few constellations and galaxies 8 hours of work from naming all the stars to shading.

Photographs into sketches.

It's been a lot of fun learning how to fly fish. Just going to take some time and practice.

Caught two nice Brown Trout so far on the fly set up I think its day 8.

Photographs in to art work.

Just picked up and started practicing how to draw photo realistic sketches. Been a good learning process and improvement is showing after this time…

Pittsburgh PA. Art Work MullenPhoto.Com

Long's Peak Art Work: MullenPhoto.Com

Pittsburgh PA. 10/5/2012

First attempt on sketching a city view of Pittsburgh from atop Mt. Washington. Flying above the clouds and sketching in the book

Got to ride the incline to get this view of the city. Sketch of Pittsburgh PA. 10/5/2012