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Into the Wilderness

Ahhh… It’s friday afternoon and its adventure time. Arrived home to the UPS fellow with my new tent, the timing could not have been any better. Did a quick pre set up with the tent in the living room just for a test run since it was raining up there. Got the essentail gear ready including some cold weather gear. It’s all about the layer system. Gear is all packed and pack weighing around 30 lbs including 80 oz. of water. Time to start the drive up the never ending winds of the Poudre Canyon out to the Pingree Park area to Fish Creek it was raining the whole way…
If its raining or snowing, windy, or cold, that just adds to the sense of adventure. The Commanche Wilderness out in Colorado has shown me some great adventures from Brown’s Lake, Commache Lake, Emmaline Lake all are great areas to explore. From the house its about a hour and twenty five minutes and over 94 miles round trip a drive that puts a smile on my face. Arrived right on time at the trailhead to find no cars or tire tracks. The place will be to myself for the three day trip… It sure is raining at a constant, backpack first rain poncho second it fits over the over weight pack. Time to get going read the sign at the beginning of the trail and made sure the map is close by and start the trek up through the pine trees hiking upward at a steady pace. You notice that your breathing and your foot steps are synchronized left right inhaling left right exhaling around the 1/3 of the hike you find a field of plants and the mountains heavy under the fog. Just passed the Commanche Wilderness sign after hiking 1.5 miles up 1,000ft. decided to get camp started at the top of the 8,557ft mountain. Still raining and the fog rolling in got a glimpse of a orange sunset with that a moon appeared. Before the sun went down found a nice cliff to cook my meal away from the tent. Well by now its getting dark so its time to hang the food high in the tree and far away from camp. Don’t need any visitors at night like a bear… Close to hand is bear spray it seems more useful than a gun?! Maybe… Well time to get the sleeping mat unrolled and the sleeping bag out. The tents set up with out the bug netting so its a foot print and the ground. Exhausted… its time to rest the eyes. A few hours have passed… later that night woke up to make sure nothing was lurking around the tent and when the door opened the sky was full of stars and a bright planet on the eastern horizon it’s Jupiter! To the right is Orion chasing the seven sisters the Pleiadian’s. Just below Orion’s left foot is Sirius the brightest star in our skies. As I stand there in the middle of nowhere lost in a silence I can find my true meaning of a simple life.That was a moment that felt like freedom there is something about the mountains and being alone make everything dramatic, intense, lonely, pure enjoyment! and separating from the hustle and bustle of cars, box houses and the modern comforts it’s a great escape. Although its sure nice to go back home at the end of the trip. Nature is the key and the imagination of my mind are as infinite as the sky above. Time to close my eyes and drift into another world.

IMG_4088 Rainy hike MullenPhoto

IMG_4094 Tent on the mountain MullenPhoto

IMG_4097 Fog in the Mountains MullenPhoto

IMG_4109 Fog mountains MullenPhoto

IMG_4103 found this wrote in it

IMG_4105 Rainy day note

IMG_4106 The Moon MullenPhoto

IMG_4113 Pine Needle drops MullenPhoto

IMG_4120 Camping on the mountains MullenPhoto

IMG_4121 The morning sun and the stars MullenPhoto

IMG_4122 Rei Half Dome Fog MullenPhoto

IMG_4125 Rock Cliff Mummy Range MullenPhoto

IMG_4140 Desert Solitude Good Book MullenPhoto

IMG_4143 Map Comanche Wilderness

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IMG_4183 BW Clouds MullenPhoto

IMG_4193 Rock Cliff in the distance MullenPhoto

IMG_4194 Tree old mans beard MullenPhoto

IMG_4197 Pine Cone Tree MullenPhoto

IMG_4213 Building things MullenPhoto

IMG_4219 Fungus MullenPhoto

IMG_4224 Green and the tent MullenPhoto

IMG_4234 Tent and the storm MullenPhoto

IMG_4235 Cool Rocks MullenPhoto

IMG_4246 Sunshine ine the forest MullenPhoto

IMG_4249 Green Grass MullenPhoto

IMG_4252 Aspen Trees MullenPhoto

IMG_4260 Aspen Trees MullenPhoto

IMG_4273 Leg Bone MullenPhoto

IMG_4278 Rabbit in the light MullenPhoto

IMG_4286 REI tent under the stars MullenPhoto

IMG_4290 MSR Stove and GSI cup MullenPhoto

IMG_4300 Self Portrait MullenPhoto

IMG_4303 Founds this ontop of the mountain

IMG_4314 Rock Cliff Mountains MullenPhoto