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Into The Mountains

-Into The Mountains-
(This video has been in the works for over a year now from filming to the editing.)

Into The Mountains from Patrick Mullen on Vimeo.

Camping through all the season was a great experience always learning something new every trip or exploring the best things mountains have to offer and finding out its tough work to survive.
Last year decided to just get out and do some hiking / camping solo ended up going on 15 solo trips to new locations almost every weekend. These are some of the experiences that happened out camping in the mountains from moose at 4 a.m. to a lightning storm while camping at 11,000ft at Twin Crater Lakes.

High Park Fire, Emmaline Lake, Twin Crater Lake, Island Lake, Timber Lake, Browns Lake, Roaring Creek, Mirror Lake, Blue Lake, Lake Agnus, Nokhu Crags, Mummy Range mts, Medicine Bow mts, Commanche Lake, Cirque Lake, Signal Mountain, Colorado, Wyoming

Gear/ Equipment
Hennessy Hammock Safari Zip / Expedition 30D Monsoon Rainfly
Gore Tex Rain Jacket / Pants / Military Bivy Cover
GoLite Shangri La3 Tent
Northface 20 degree Sleeping Bag
Big Agnes r. value 5.0 Sleeping Pad
MSR Denali Evo with 6″ Tails
Black Diamond Icon Headlamp

Led Zeppelin The Rain Song

Space 2012 www.mullenphoto.com

12/12/2012 4:14 A.M.

BlackLight Space

8 hours total time on this sketch.
Took a long time naming the stars and their symbols in the constellations, shading, and layering dots. This is a small fraction of the sky above. The Northstar (Polaris) can be found from the two stars on the bowl part of the Big Dipper (URSA MAJOR) and also Cassopia if you follow the middle star of the W. These two constellations are simple ways to find The Northstar.

Star map of the polaris and a few constellations and galaxies 8 hours of work from naming all the stars to shading.