A hike up to Gem Lake

Its been a great few days off the grind stone from working but the new job has started today 5/5/2014 This was on last weeks adventure to Gem Lake near Estes Park. I've been here quite a few times and the views are great from the trail along the way.
Looks like a hole in a boot to me.
Indian face in the rocks
This is Gem Lake 1.7 miles to the top with great views weekends are busy. Luckily this was a Wednesday and it was quite.
This is one of my many favorite places to climb too. I've showed only a handful of people that are good friends. Hike anyone?
This was an extremely fun place to set up a hammock and a sun shade. These hammocks are great for any place you can find a place to tie to. These boulders proved to be a win even on top of a mountain.

Morning sunrise at 11,128ft.

Morning sunrise at 11,128ft.
Surprised to find trees up this high so it was an obvious place to sleep and watching the stars was unbelievable. This was a solo backpacking trip and it felt good to own the mountain for the weekend.

Location: Island Lake Rawah Wilderness Colorado
Date & Time: 8/5/2012 – 6:47 AM
Roundtrip: 14.2 miles
Shutter speed: 1/400th of a sec
Aperture: 2.7f. stop
Iso: 100

This was a great trip out into the mountains this camping spot was right around 12,000ft. and still had trees good enough to support a person or two. Morning sun