Fire near Fort Collins Colorado 3/15/2013 11:30 p.m.

This is the view of the fire from our house
It was a interesting experience sitting by the water the wind was making waves and what I was seeing is sad but its nature just doing what she is going to do. Its sad to see people's houses get burnt down but it looked like the fire stayed near Lory State Park. Ended up stating the adventure at 8:30 p.m. and getting back to the car at 12:30a.m. and hiked 3 or 4 miles to get these photographs
The fire on the left is a tree burning and made it over exposed
Ended up parking near Overland trail and hiked to around rotary park (with the 100s of other people) The decided to hike down to the water to escape the crowds and get some better photos.
This is a single photo graph that has two images the parking lot and also the fire it was busy
The fire in this photograph is burning around Lory State Park and also some of Horsetooth mountain. The moon and Orions Belt where right above the fire in the sky

Alcohol Penny Stove

8 oz water 5-6 minutes

First penny stove that I made figured a short film would be interesting hopefully testing this out camping in Colorado

Alcohol Penny Stove from Patrick Mullen on Vimeo.

Solo adventure

Solo Adventure to the summit. Mt. Crosier 9,280 ft. 8 miles roundtrip. 10 f Degrees Wind 15-35 mph Decided to camp on top of a mountain ended up finding a spot with a rock wall to block most of the wind that did not stop all night. Tied the rain fly to two different logs to help retain the fly from flying away and using trekking poles to help keep the fly stable. Also collected two flat rocks to block the wind from the open sides of the hammock. All in all it was a great experience. Every time I go outside I learn a small detail I could make better next time. Thats what survival is about making the right decisions and the ability to withstand what nature throws in your path.

Hennessy Hammock Expedition Zip

Hennessy Hammock expedition zip hanging out up at Island Lake 11,128ft in the Rawah Wilderness Colorado. Surprised to find trees up here awesome place to explore and great fishing 15 miles roundtrip this was a solo trip just like 90 percent of last years camping.

Winter camping in endless snow.

Hennessy Hammock Safari Zip in winter use. After work friday night headed up to the mountains to get some ledgit winter camping under the belt, ended up snowing the whole time from friday at 10:00 P.M. till saturday at 3:00 P.M. decided to make it back to the car since the snow has not let up and with 8" inches of New snow it was going to be a trek back to a car buried with new snow. Always learning something out on the adventures from staying dry, finding dry fire wood, being resourceful with objects laying around. Buried logs in the snow for the rain fly to attach to walls held up good with the snow piling up.
I planned for two nights of camping but ended up making the call to get out of the snow before it was to late. It was a good idea

3 camping trips 3 weekends in a row

Signal Mountain Solo 3 mile adventure looking for snow not to much snow at Pingree Park

3' feet of snow up in the Snowy Range Mountains no new snow looking to test the hammock with fresh snow.

8" inches of new snow had fallen since friday 10:00p.m. till saturday 3:00 p.m.

Deep powder/ windy weather/ winter camping

Fresh Tracks trekking through the woods
Trekking through the real deep snow I've wanted to find and test out the MSR Denalis proved to float better with the 6" inch tails. 3'-4' of powder was around this weekend. It was a first for that much snow winter camping. Photo Props: Lane
This was our base camp for the night our front yard was a perfect place to snowboard on. Next time....
This weekend made it up to the Snowy Range Mountains to get some ledgit winter camping under the belt. The Hennessy Hammock proved to be a great shelter the bigger rain fly is key to being able to have some living room area under windy conditions. Ended up hiking around 3 miles roundtrip near the top we walked off the trail to find fresh new snow to camp near. The mornings sunrise was a great view from the mountain we were on facing east.
Lane's setup Alps Mountaineering tent
Lane and I made a very nice snow wall all around the fire. Even with the high walls the smoke would get bad when fire needed more wood. It takes a lot of energy moving around on a mountain and when things go wrong it gets frustrating but the reward always out balances everything and it seems to be a test from mother nature.
Hennessy Hammock Safari Zip 2013
Morning sunshine in the Hennessy Hammock woke me up so I climbed out to get some photographs. Burying the side of the rain fly into the snow proved to be a great wind shelter wall to keep the wind away
We camped on a epic place to snowboard on. Next time I will have my snowboard Good times
Lane descending down into the valley about 30 seconds later the snow almost gave out from under his feet. This happened a few other times so we decided to stay of flat ground when we were exploring without the heavy back packs.
We both had some new snow shoes to try out and this weekend was a ledgit place to test them out.


Signal Mountain Timelapse

Solo hike/camp trip up Signal Mountain in Colorado ended up hiking about 5 miles round trip. Not much snow was up at 9,000ft. and its 1/27/2013. Camped around 9,500ft.

Dead Meadow
Between Me And The round

Signal Mountain Commanche Wilderness Colorado

Signal Mt Colorado from Patrick Mullen on Vimeo.