Photographs in to art work.

Just picked up and started practicing how to draw photo realistic sketches. Been a good learning process and improvement is showing after this time…

Pittsburgh PA. Art Work MullenPhoto.Com

Long's Peak Art Work: MullenPhoto.Com

Small fractions of the big picture.

Hiking past Blue Lake this was on the way

Plants along the way from hiking a water fall from Timber Lake
cool looking plants Just fishing Twin Crater Lakes and this was along the way.

7:24 A.M. 6/11/2012 Falling camera (time to sleep) 4 days Documenting the High Park Fire

Its been interesting watching this fire spread over four days from late night to early morning with out much sleep been trying to do my best work photographing the High Park Fire in Fort Collins Colorado since early Saturday Morning. Its disappointing to see this happening so close to home. My best wishes have been going out to the people that lost stuff due to the fire.

This photo is may camera falling over because the high winds caught me off guard. Its been a long 24+ hours awake trying to document these photos. I hope the best for everyone.

This spot does not exist anymore….

Factory double drop


Jess Medgett Factory Gnar drop


Stomping grounds

Super Moon Lightning Storm

We ended up going up to Duncan’s Ridge to get a higher view of the super Moon it was cloudy and I figured we would not be able to see anything I finally spotted the moon through the clouds. Not only we saw this moon we also got to see a lightning storm producing a lot of lightning.

Black and white

Super Moon 5/5/2012

Lightning storm