High Park Fire before and after.

High Park Fire View from north dam right before I got kicked out at 2:00 A.M. by two state troopers followed by another trooper within one minute.

Up in the burn area new life is growing and all the black is starting to turn green

Rainy days = Fishin’ days

Rainy days nothing like getting out of the house and go explore around with a rain jacket and rain pants two great purchases that I made awhile back buy it right the first time.

Exploring outside in the rain
Black and white green tree

Ended up catching two nice small mouth bass with in a hour. Life outside in the rain is actually very relaxing and peace full.

Ended up catching two small mouth bass

Self Portrait



1:30 A.M. High Park Fire (Over looking Horsetooth Reservoir) 41,140 acres

I also got a photo of two shooting stars flying down towards the High Park Fire. Did anyone else see shooting stars heading toward the Fire????

High Park Fire view from above Rotary Park up at Horsetooth Reservoir Late Night 1:30 A.M. Smoke began rolling in to town and around the reservoir around this time of the night

Above the smoke Milky Way top right

This is the fire thats burning down into Lory State Park Seems to be getting smaller on this side of the fire

Big Dipper High Park Fire Horsetooth Reservoir