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Pep Love Living is beautiful

Follow me, living is beautiful
It goes like this, living is beautiful..

At seven o’clock I make my way
Out the door to see what is in store for the day
Without the slightest idea of what I might encounter
Through the rays of the morning sun I found a flower
Blooming and consuming light
But it didn’t stutter my step, I kept fluttering
Right over left or, is it left over right
With decision on my side and beauty in my sight
And my duty is to exercise, spread my wings
Let the stress subside but my breath just seems
To be taken away as I’m making my way
Up the pavement intent on making my day
And hey, the pleasure I receive’s beyond measure
Because I believe I can control the weather
And I choose the sunshine, even though sometimes it rains
My head never hangs in the confines of solitude
I do what I gotta do to maintain my attitude of gratitude
For even breathing, what do you believe in?
How long you’ve been self-deceiving
That you’re helpless, and life is dark and dismal
A thought that I don’t resemble and I won’t fall into
With all the fine-ass women I see, all the smiles
All the while I’m living I see life is beautiful