• How You Can Make A Vibration Machine Work For You

    Losing extra weight is never an easy task. Whether you’re a supermodel or an athlete, burning calories is not something you do overnight. It requires discipline, consistency, and the right workout.

    Just like everyone else, I struggled to lose weight. I went on a diet, worked out in the gym, and even wore those slimming belts when I was asleep - all for the sake of losing weight.

    As I continued on with my weight loss journey, I came across the everfit vibration machine which claims to “shake off” the excess fat in the body.

    Personally, I thought this was a joke. How can a machine that literally just makes me shake help me achieve my ideal weight?

    The Concept of Vibration Machines

    One of the weight-loss trends that popped up in the past few years is vibration machines. These contraptions work by having motors that power the vibrating motion; hence the name.

    Usually, it’s made up of 500 watts per motor to be able to do a vibration strong enough to have an effect on the person standing on it.

    All you have to do is turn on the machine and step upon it. Don’t worry, you won’t fall. Most machines are made up of rubber that will keep you from falling. It even helps you to balance.

    Besides, the machine is wide enough for you to move your feet around to find the most comfortable spot for you.

    Vibration machines burn fat by reinforcing the contraction of your muscles. The more muscles that move, the more fats are burned.

    To add to that, vibration machines are said to burn the same number of calories in 15 minutes as to when you jog for 60 minutes, swim for 30 minutes, or do yoga for 30 minutes. It’s definitely a more efficient way to burn the extra fats.

    How To Make It Effective

    I was sold the moment I read that it only takes 15 minutes to burn the same amount of calories when you jog. This means I get to spend less time but still have the same results. Who wouldn’t love that?

    However, it’s not as simple as that. Sure, it burns fats and calories but you still have to do a lot more than stand up on a vibration machine if you really want to get fit and healthy.

    Here are a few things you should still keep on doing while you have your vibration machine:

    1. Eat healthy foods.

    A healthy diet is key to a successful weight loss journey. A vibration machine (or any other exercise) won’t be effective if you keep on loading up with sugary foods.

    My philosophy is that 80% of your health is related to what you eat. So if you’re eating healthy 80% of the time, then your body will be healthy, too.

    2. Exercise regularly.

    No, I don’t mean stepping on the vibration machine for more than 15 minutes. What I mean is that you should still do strength training and cardio just so you can build more endurance and stamina.

    Trust me, it feels different to do exercises - you feel yourself get stronger and more confident.

    3. Get enough sleep.

    This health tip is easily disregarded by many because they think it’s not important. Whether you believe it or not, having enough sleep does a lot of wonders to your body.

    The time you spend sleeping is the time your body’s cells repair themselves and regenerate. It also gives your body enough rest to recover from the day’s activities.

    With these three habits, I realized that using a vibration machine becomes more effective. Sure, I can just stand on it for more than 15 minutes, but that doesn’t mean I become healthy.

    As you go through your weight loss journey, you realize that losing weight is not just about getting lighter and looking sexier. It’s also about feeling sexy within, and you can only achieve that when you are healthy.

  • How Regular Visits to a Beauty Clinic Can Help You Feel and Look Younger

    If you’re like me who is overly conscious about the way she looks you’d definitely want to make space in your monthly calendar to visit your favourite beauty clinic. I promise you, not only will you look a lot more vibrant, fresher, and younger, you will also feel the almost-instantaneous boost in your confidence. And in a highly-challenging workplace and social environment, confidence is something that we all need. But you may ask how is regularly visiting a beauty salon going to help you look and feel younger? I’m really glad you asked. Here’s how.

    More Relaxing Environment

    The moment you enter a beauty clinic, the first thing you will feel is like you’ve entered a new world. It’s peaceful. As I live in Melbourne, most of the recommended Melbourne beauty clinics I’ve been to, play soft music to go along with the soft mood lights further accentuated by the relaxing scent of essential oils as part of their aromatherapy. You will definitely feel less stressed. It’s like all of your worries and anxieties are stripped off of you the moment you walk through the door. And you know what? Removing stress alone can already do many positive things in your life. You’ll feel a lot better and calmer, too. Your aura changes from a moody, cranky, and cantankerous individual to someone who is cheerful and happy. The best part is that you’ll feel way much younger.

    Thorough and Comprehensive Treatments

    When you visit a salon, you’re not only getting facials, although I have to admit this is my favourite. You also get to have your nails pampered and your locks given the best possible treatment they deserve. I know you’re thinking that you can also do these things right at home. But believe me; no one can perform these procedures a lot more efficiently than highly-trained aestheticians. They’ve trained for only one thing – to give you the kind of pampering that you deserve. From your head right down to your toes, they can provide you with treatments that you can never match. These treatments are what can make you look young and feel good, too.

    Fully Updated with Fads and Trends

    Have you heard of the Party Ready Mask, the Skin Perfect Mask, or even the Water Source Mask? How about HydraLuxe? These are just a few of the many latest trends and fads in facial treatments today. And we haven’t even touched the nails and hair. The point is that I may always search for these fads on the internet (and I’m pretty sure you can, too), but I will never know how to use or apply these trends on myself. Aestheticians, on the other hand, are not only updated with the latest in beauty treatments, they also make sure that they are fully capable of administering these treatments to their clients. The good thing is that today’s technologies and treatments have become so efficient that they can make you look several years younger.

    More Relaxing Massage

    I don’t know with you, but I sure love getting a facial massage at my favourite beauty clinic. You might think you can get one of those portable facial massagers from eBay, but honestly? Nothing can beat the professional hands of an expert aesthetician-slash-massage specialist. It is so relaxing that you’d be forgiven for dozing off while on the massage table or even on your beauty couch. The thing with massage is that it can help improve the flow of blood, making your skin look even brighter and fresher than ever before. The muscles also relax a lot better so you get more supple skin.

    Want to feel and look younger? Do what I do. Make sure to visit your beauty clinic on a more regular basis.

  • Regular Acupuncture Session Keeps Me Physically and Mentally Healthy

    Even though I am a young professional woman, it is my huge interest and hobby to always go outdoors to discover and explore nature. In the past ten years, I have been to many camp sites, mountain tops and other areas where I am always exposed to harsh weather conditions. Most of the times, I feel the cold and it penetrates deep into my muscles and bones. This is probably the reason why I have been feeling numbness, fatigue and minor pains during the last several years. To address the undesirable feelings I have been experiencing, I resorted to massage particularly shiatsu because I thought and I was told that helps in loosening the muscles and in relieving pain because it involves application of pressure to specific points on the body. Well, I felt the comforting feeling immediately after every session. However, it didn’t really help me in the long run. The effect is only for a short period of time. So I searched for another way that is more effective and at the same time safe and free of artificial elements. 

    One day, while on my way to a camp site in Melbourne, I had a conversation with one of the campers and we talked about the things we experience or suffer from due to our outdoor activities. We found out that we share the same experiences and I learned from her that she addresses her situation by attending acupuncture sessions. She mentioned about a top Melbourne Chinese acupuncture clinic and shared that it is where she has been having her dose of regular acupuncture. Because I am still clueless about the specifics of acupuncture, I asked her several questions to have better understanding of the medical practice and so I can decide whether or not to try it. I learned from her that it is a several thousand year old medical practice in China and has spread all over the world because of its safeness and effectiveness. I learned that it involves the insertion of needles that are very thin, long and sterile. There are certain points on the body where the needles are to be inserted when trying to address certain health issues or conditions.  

    Though I am already convinced about the safeness of acupuncture, I am still not convinced about its effectiveness so I asked her about the changes she felt and was she able to feel and actually become healthier mentally and physically speaking. She mentioned that after the first few sessions, she started to feel a huge difference in her physicality. She said that she became more energetic and less sleepy during the day. She also felt less of the minor pains and numbness in her muscles because she regularly goes to the clinic. She emphasized that the needles are able to help her body become more efficient in using the energy she get from the food. The needles are able to free the nerves of the things that block the energy from flowing smoothly and continuously. In Chinese medicine, this energy is called “Qi”, which should not be blocked if we want to keep our body to function normally and efficiently.  

    When I went home after the camping, I contacted the clinic that my co-camper visits. I asked for an appointment the next day so I can have my first session of acupuncture. During my first experience in the clinic, I felt nervous because I really don’t know how it will feel when the needles are already being inserted into my skin. Even though my co-camper told me that it is very tolerable, I still couldn’t help but feel nervous and anxious because it is my first time. When the practitioner was already inserting the needles, I felt very minor pain. You can’t actually say that it is painful. It was like there is a low amount of electric energy that penetrates into your skin and into your bones. After a few minutes when the all of the needles were already inserted, I started to feel a very relaxing and calming feeling. It was like my body is free of stiffness and tightness. I told myself that this is probably the process when the things that block the nerves are being “melted”.  

    Yesterday was my fifth session and I must say that acupuncture is really effective. I feel like I can always do more at work and in my outdoor activities. Because I feel healthier physically and mentally, I plan to continue attending to acupuncture sessions.

    Now that you have learned how the health benefits of acupuncture, it would also be beneficial if you expose yourself to other articles related to health and wellness. Click here to read more interesting and helpful topics such as this. Keeping up with the latest trends is one great way of avoiding the sickness and diseases.

  • Why Going to a Physiotherapist is a Wise Decision

    When you get older, there are things that you experience that make it a little harder to complete your daily tasks. Now that I am ageing, I can say that I am never like when I was during my younger years. When I was in my 20s, I can do a lot of things without feeling tired in a single day. I can study several subjects at school and in the library and I can also perform several tasks at home.

    Today, I easily get tired after a few minutes of starting a single household chore or task at work. There are also body functions that I cannot perform efficiently. For example, I now find it more difficult to turn my head and upper body when I have to look at left, right and backward directions. In my many years of existence, I never became a fan of synthetic drugs. As much as possible, I would use home remedies or alternative treatments that don’t rely on the intake of over the counter or prescribed medicines.  

    One day while I was surfing the Web, I stumbled upon a blog that discussed about physical therapy or physiotherapy. I got curious about it so I read more and was amazed with the things that I have learned. I learned that physiotherapy is a treatment that involves exercise and movement, education, manual therapy and advice to help people recover from disability, illness or injury.

    What’s awesome about the therapy is that it can be applied to people of different ages. This allows all kinds of people to maintain good health through prevention of diseases and management of pain. A physio in Toorak area is able to do all these. In addition to these, the profession of physiotherapy helps in the encouragement of patient’s health development and facilitation of recovery from an unhealthy condition. In this way, patients are able to do their work and are also able to maintain their independence for the longest time possible.  

    Though I can learn a lot about physiotherapy on the Web, I decided to stop researching and told myself that it’s better to personally ask a professional physiotherapist. So, I went to the nearest physio clinic in Toorak the next day. In the clinic, I asked the physiotherapist a lot of things because I want to be sure when I decide to avail physical therapy as a long term treatment. One of the things I asked is about the benefits that other treatments and medications cannot provide. The therapist enumerated several benefits such as prevention of disability, injury and disease.

    The benefits also include promotion of overall health and wellness, physical activity, and optimal mobility, management of acute and chronic health conditions, participation restrictions, and activity limitations, improvement and maintenance of physical performance and optimal functioning independence, education and plan of maintaining and supporting programs that prevent functional decline, re-injury or re-occurrence, and rehabilitation of injury and the effects of disability or disease through the use of therapeutic exercises and other related interventions. With these goals, it became clearer to me that physiotherapy is going to be effective in my case because it does not involve medicines that may be risky or pose side effects later on.

    I was happy with the lengthy discussion with the physiotherapist. After learning a lot of very valuable and relevant information, we proceeded with the application of some body movements and exercises to address my condition. Since the problem in my case are the stiffness of my neck and lower back, she asked me to perform several light stretching exercises to help in the loosening of stiff muscles. She said that with continuous execution of said exercises, the muscles in my neck and back will become more loose and relaxed. This will result to muscles that regained their flexibility.

    The physiotherapist emphasized that the ability to move without difficulty is all about having flexible and strong muscles. So aside from light exercises, I was also advised to include light weight exercises to help increase my strength and capability to carry heavy things.  

    For my neck, the exercises that I need to execute include pointing of the head to different directions for a few seconds or minutes. For example, I need to look at the right side and hold the position for 24 counts. The same should be done to the left side. Another exercise is to bend the neck in different directions. Using my hand, I need to hold my head and bend it to the right and hold the position for a few seconds. The same should be done to the left, forward and backward directions.

    When it comes to my back, I was advised to perform several poses similar to yoga. Others are actually yoga poses. The same principle with neck exercises is used because the back muscles and bones have to be relaxed and loosened.  

    Now, I have been doing the exercises for several weeks and I have visited the clinic twice already. I can proudly and confidently say that I have regained muscle flexibility and strength. More importantly, I don’t feel any muscle and joint pains now. I noticed that the pain subsided gradually over time.

    Giving importance to your health is the best way to prevent oneself from getting sick. You can achieve this by keeping up with the latest trends about good health and wellness. There are interesting topics to read and information to learn when you click here.  

  • Photography Made Me Experience Relaxation

    My kids are almost grown up now and I am proud of myself because I was able to make them healthy and really good people. For many years, I have strived hard to really provide everything they need. I worked hard in my chosen career while at the same time made sure that I do my responsibilities as a mother well. During those years, I have noticed that I became more prone to stress as the years pass by. Feeling so much stress prompted me to consider doing things that will relax me and ease my stress away. I was even more convinced when my best friend told me about the benefits of relaxation.   

    When I invited her for a conversation over tea in my mini garden, she explained to me the many health benefits of doing relaxation activities. For one, relaxation protects the heart from stress that may cause heart problems such as heart attacks and high blood pressure. The other benefits include lower risk of catching cold, lower risk of stroke, boost in memory, better decision-making, protection from depression, maintained slim body, good mood, and many others. In general, making sure that the body undergoes relaxation on a regular basis prove to have some really significant health benefits. In the long run, engaging in activities that relaxes the body and mind can keep us strong physically, mentally and emotionally. So, I asked her about the best activities to experience relaxation.  She recommended photography.    

    I have been doing photography for almost a year now. One of the striking things about the craft that has become my hobby now is that I don’t have to rely on synthetic over the counter drugs such as tranquilizers. I don’t have to suffer from the side effects of continuously taking synthetic drugs. Tranquilizers may be effective in relieving our body of stress but it can lead to other complications because of the synthetic ingredients. So, engaging in photography has protected me from these seemingly good substances but actually can actually cause harm in the long run. It is like I am having a natural way of relieving myself of stress.

    When I was just starting taking photos, I was like a little kid because I had to learn about and discover the different parts of a DSLR camera. Yes, I bought a DSLR camera because I want to take photos with high resolution. I want to create art out of the photos I take. This is why I now have large sized photos that are framed and is displayed in my house and many of my relatives’ respective houses. During the first weeks of spending time with my new gadget, there were times that I get amaze after discovering new functions and features and how I can use them to capture photos with better quality. Those experiences alone have helped me feel relaxed and not think about the demanding tasks at work and my responsibilities at home.

    What’s also relaxing about taking photos is the fact that I am in front of my subjects that are stunning and breathtaking. I am fond of landscape photography, so I had to go to places where there are great landscapes such as views of lakes, forests, mountains, fields, and even skylines. Being in front of these beautiful natural sceneries effectively relieves me of the stress I get from the busy workplace and noisy city. In addition, because these places are abundant in plants and trees, I am able to breathe in cleaner air. I have learned that inhaling more fresh oxygen really does a lot in terms of reinvigorating the body. It also helps in the proper circulation of the blood from the heart to the different systems and organs.

    Another relaxing benefit of photography is the fact that it helps me become more focused in the things I do. When capturing the sceneries and framing them within the scope of the camera’s lens, I have to focus to ensure that I am framing the most beautiful part of each landscape. Because I don’t have time limit, I don’t feel any pressure and, as a result, relaxes my mind and body because I am also able to enjoy what I am looking at.

    Lately, I am into nature and wildlife photography. I love it because I also get to see and mingle with different plants and animals. With these undeniable benefits, I also encourage others to try photography and discover how it can help in relaxation.

  • The Benefits of Swimming for Babies

    The early days, weeks and months of your child are one of the crucial stages in his or her life because it is the time when many parts of him or her is developing. For one, it is the time when the brain keeps growing and the cognitive functions start to manifest. It is also the time when you will notice rapid changes in the body over the course of a few weeks and months. Though the body is far softer, sensitive and delicate as compared to the body of an adult, it is truly beneficial to let and teach him or her to swim in a safe pool. Yes, swimming is an activity that can make your baby stronger and smarter. Medical and health care experts actually highly recommend swimming for babies.

    If you’re not convinced about the benefits of swimming for babies, below are the top reasons why should allow your baby play in the pool:  

    Basic Life Saving and Water Awareness

    When babies are exposed to water at such a very young age, they will become comfortable with it and will not find it difficult later on to survive in accidents like sinking of ship, rapid flooding, and others that involve water. This is because they will not have the tendency to panic and, as a result, will know what to do in times of accidents or situations that require survival. Though you can do the teaching yourself, it is still far better to leave the task to the professionals who teach in swimming classes. Part of the swimming classes is the basic skills for water safety. In this way, babies become more aware of the water and the safety measures they can apply later on. When babies continue to attend regular classes, they will definitely gain respect for water and will never get intimidated by it.   

    Physical Independence and Self Awareness

    One of the striking and very helpful benefits of being submerged in water is the sensation and feeling of self-awareness. When you are in water, you feel the water that goes against your body, which in turn makes you also full aware of your physicality. When not in water, like just lying on the bed, a baby will never learn how to move quickly. But whenever babies are floating on water, they can freely move their hands, feet, and other parts of the body without getting injuries. They are able to move and exercise their bones and muscles without the risk of suffering from joint pains as well. But more than these, they are also able to learn coordination and balance. This is something that will be very beneficial and advantageous as they continue to grow. They won’t difficulty in learning other things and doing other activities that require coordination and balance.

    Self-Esteem and Confidence

    There are two ways by which babies are able to build their high level of confidence and self-esteem. One is when they learn how to float on water, how to move with balance, and how not to shrunk at the bottom of the pool. When they are able to do these, they become confident because they discovered that they can do something that proves they are skilled and capable. Another way they gain high self-esteem and confidence is whenever they get recognition and praises for their achievements. In swimming classes, babies are praised for every achievement they earn.

    Brain Development

    Aside from providing the babies breast milk and healthy food, they are also able to develop their brain when they engage in activities like swimming. Whenever they are in class, the physical awareness they discover, the independence they feel, the association the learn, and the many experiences they encounter every day are all contributing to the further and healthier development of their brain. These things stimulate their senses and, thus, develop and speedily improve their cognitive functions.

    Social Skills

    Learning how to socialize is a very important lesson that every person should be taught about. When they don’t learn this at a young age, they will probably have a hard time mingling and socializing with others when they are in public places like the school. Part also of the process is learning about team work, independence and good social skills.

    Healthy Lifestyle

    Today, there are many people that suffer from illnesses at a very young age because they don’t do exercises or physically challenging activities. But when you enroll your babies in swimming classes, you are teaching them to have a healthy and active lifestyle. This is something that they will continue to do as they grow up because they got used to doing it while they are very young.

    Undeniably, swimming is very beneficial and has a lot of advantages for babies until they become kids and adults later on.

  • Finding the Right Kind of Meditation for You

    Meditation is not just for those who are overly stressed or anxious, it is, in fact, for everyone. There are many different types of meditationcatering to whatever personal reason you have for incorporating it into your routine. It is definitely more than the stereotype of sitting quietly and emptying the mind.

    Although there are traditional beliefs and practices of meditation that have been popular for centuries, newer, Western styles have also come up. There is no better or worse type because you can still reap the scientifically proven benefits of reduced anxiety, lower stress levels, better health and increased happiness.

    So how do you know which one is the one to practice? No one can really tell you because it is a personal choice. Different types may have their own unique steps and purposes. In the end, it is all about finding which one compliments your soul the best and which one you can continuously do. You may even try out several first before finding the one that suits you best. The important thing is to be aware of your motivations and goals in meditating. It might also help to identify which practices help you concentrate or relax, whether it’s total silence, using mantras or even movement.

    Your meditation sessions do not need to be complex. In fact, it should be the direct opposite, you should be comfortable and it should appeal to your true self. It should help you achieve your goals and allow you to connect with your deeper thoughts and feelings.

    Here are some of the most popular types of meditation that you can start with:

    1.Primordial Sound Meditation (PSM)

    This is a silent type where you use a mantra, which is the sound the universe was creating when and where you were born. This is calculated through various Vedic formulas and is specific to an individual. You will repeat this sound in your mind to be able to delve deeper into yourself, moving away from the intellectual side of your brain. This kind is normally done sitting down and the main focus is to be comfortable.

    2.Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MSBR)

    One of the newer types of meditation, MSBR was started in 1979 by Jon Kabat-Zinn. It is very popular in medical clinics and hospitals to forge a partnership between the medical staff and the patient. They are also taught by doctors and other health care professionals.

    This technique teaches you to focus on you inhaling and exhaling (breath awareness). At the same time, you are told to focus on your physical body starting from your toes going up. This allows you to release tension in your body. It may be done sitting or laying down, but also while walking.

    3.Zen or Zazen

    The name means “seated meditation”, and traces its roots from Buddhism. Practitioners acquire insight by paying attention to the breath and mind and by interacting with the teacher.

    This type aims for enlightenment and achieving insight into the Buddhist teachings. Your teacher will instruct you on these Sutras (teachings or scriptures) and other doctrines.

    4.Transcendental Meditation (TM)

    This kind was founded by Maharashi Mahesh Yogi and became popular because of its famous practitioners like the Beatles. The practice uses a mantra or a series of Sanskrit words to help you focus while meditating. Much like in Primordial Sound Meditation, this mantra is also specific to the individual, based on factors like the year of birth and gender. It also depends on the teacher, as they receive a list of mantras to use depending on the year they did their training. This type of meditation is also done while seated.

    5.Kundalini Yoga

    Another traditional type of meditation, it contains very specific and practical tools to support the mind and guide the body. This is achieved through focusing on the breath, using mantras, mudra (or hand positions), and focus. There are many techniques included in the Kundalini Yoga tradition.

    There are hundred of meditations catered to specific applications, for example, to reduce stress, stop addiction, increase vitality and many others. To determine which meditation to practice, you need to work with a teacher.

    These 5 represent only a very small percentage of meditation types that exist out there. Although you might want to try different ones out, there is a chance that you will find something perfect for you already on this list. There is really no one rule or one way to meditate, although you will need to learn some proper techniques based on the type you decide to practice.

    Again, you do not necessarily need to believe in a specific religion or ideology to practice meditation, so long as your goals are met, then there should be no reason why you shouldn’t incorporate it into your routine. Just remember that problems will not suddenly solve themselves by meditating, but it can bring you peace, whatever your situation may be.

  • Remain Wrinkle-Free By Making These Simple Changes In Your Routine

    Aging and showing signs of aging are two things that are very hard deal with for most men and women. You will be surprised to know that some of our unhealthy habits and lack of proper physical workout on a daily basis are the main reasons because of which we start developing wrinkles over a period of time. If you stop with some unhealthy habits of yours and develop a few healthy habits then the quality of the skin that you have will improve to a very high extent in a very short span of time. Good health often reflects on your skin.

    The first and foremost thing that you should do is to stop smoking if you smoke cigarettes on a fairly regular basis. The truth is that the impact that smoking has on our skin is disastrous, to say the least. If you continue smoking for a long period of time then the quality of your skin will decrease even further. So, if you are not a smoker then please stay away from this habit. In case you are a smoker, you must make sure that you get rid of this habit as soon as you can. The quality of your skin is not the only reason because of which you should do it. There are many other benefits that your overall health will have if you quit.

    The one habit that you must start at all costs is to make sure that you drink plenty of water. In fact, it can be said that the amount of water in our body is one of the most important things which determine the quality of our skin. If you drink sufficient quantities of water on a regular basis then you will not develop wrinkles until and unless you have aged a fair lot. So, please ensure that you drink as much water as you can in order to make sure that you are healthy and have glowing skin that is free from all signs of aging including wrinkles.

    The diet that you eat is another vital factor that is detrimental to the quality of your skin as well as the glow that is exuded from it. The fact is that if you eat a balanced diet which has all the nutrients that your body needs then your skin will reflect your good health. A balanced diet should be consumed not just for the benefits that it will have for your skin but for a variety of other reasons. Unless and until you eat a balanced diet you can’t be as healthy as possible. So, you need to eat a balanced diet in order to ensure good skin quality for a long time.

    Working out on a regular basis is also one of the most crucial things that have a lot of impact on the quality of your skin. It is vital that you perform physical workouts on a daily basis if you want to free your skin of wrinkles.

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