How You Can Make A Vibration Machine Work For You

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Losing extra weight is never an easy task. Whether you’re a supermodel or an athlete, burning calories is not something you do overnight. It requires discipline, consistency, and the right workout.

Just like everyone else, I struggled to lose weight. I went on a diet, worked out in the gym, and even wore those slimming belts when I was asleep – all for the sake of losing weight.

As I continued on with my weight loss journey, I came across the everfit vibration machine which claims to “shake off” the excess fat in the body.

Personally, I thought this was a joke. How can a machine that literally just makes me shake help me achieve my ideal weight?

The Concept of Vibration Machines

One of the weight-loss trends that popped up in the past few years is vibration machines. These contraptions work by having motors that power the vibrating motion; hence the name.

Usually, it’s made up of 500 watts per motor to be able to do a vibration strong enough to have an effect on the person standing on it.

All you have to do is turn on the machine and step upon it. Don’t worry, you won’t fall. Most machines are made up of rubber that will keep you from falling. It even helps you to balance.

Besides, the machine is wide enough for you to move your feet around to find the most comfortable spot for you.

Vibration machines burn fat by reinforcing the contraction of your muscles. The more muscles that move, the more fats are burned.

To add to that, vibration machines are said to burn the same number of calories in 15 minutes as to when you jog for 60 minutes, swim for 30 minutes, or do yoga for 30 minutes. It’s definitely a more efficient way to burn the extra fats.

How To Make It Effective

I was sold the moment I read that it only takes 15 minutes to burn the same amount of calories when you jog. This means I get to spend less time but still have the same results. Who wouldn’t love that?

However, it’s not as simple as that. Sure, it burns fats and calories but you still have to do a lot more than stand up on a vibration machine if you really want to get fit and healthy.

Here are a few things you should still keep on doing while you have your vibration machine:

1. Eat healthy foods.

A healthy diet is key to a successful weight loss journey. A vibration machine (or any other exercise) won’t be effective if you keep on loading up with sugary foods.

My philosophy is that 80% of your health is related to what you eat. So if you’re eating healthy 80% of the time, then your body will be healthy, too.

2. Exercise regularly.

No, I don’t mean stepping on the vibration machine for more than 15 minutes. What I mean is that you should still do strength training and cardio just so you can build more endurance and stamina.

Trust me, it feels different to do exercises – you feel yourself get stronger and more confident.

3. Get enough sleep.

This health tip is easily disregarded by many because they think it’s not important. Whether you believe it or not, having enough sleep does a lot of wonders to your body.

The time you spend sleeping is the time your body’s cells repair themselves and regenerate. It also gives your body enough rest to recover from the day’s activities.

With these three habits, I realized that using a vibration machine becomes more effective. Sure, I can just stand on it for more than 15 minutes, but that doesn’t mean I become healthy.

As you go through your weight loss journey, you realize that losing weight is not just about getting lighter and looking sexier. It’s also about feeling sexy within, and you can only achieve that when you are healthy.

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