Photography Made Me Experience Relaxation

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My kids are almost grown up now and I am proud of myself because I was able to make them healthy and really good people. For many years, I have strived hard to really provide everything they need. I worked hard in my chosen career while at the same time made sure that I do my responsibilities as a mother well. During those years, I have noticed that I became more prone to stress as the years pass by. Feeling so much stress prompted me to consider doing things that will relax me and ease my stress away. I was even more convinced when my best friend told me about the benefits of relaxation.   

When I invited her for a conversation over tea in my mini garden, she explained to me the many health benefits of doing relaxation activities. For one, relaxation protects the heart from stress that may cause heart problems such as heart attacks and high blood pressure. The other benefits include lower risk of catching cold, lower risk of stroke, boost in memory, better decision-making, protection from depression, maintained slim body, good mood, and many others. In general, making sure that the body undergoes relaxation on a regular basis prove to have some really significant health benefits. In the long run, engaging in activities that relaxes the body and mind can keep us strong physically, mentally and emotionally. So, I asked her about the best activities to experience relaxation.  She recommended photography.    

I have been doing photography for almost a year now. One of the striking things about the craft that has become my hobby now is that I don’t have to rely on synthetic over the counter drugs such as tranquilizers. I don’t have to suffer from the side effects of continuously taking synthetic drugs. Tranquilizers may be effective in relieving our body of stress but it can lead to other complications because of the synthetic ingredients. So, engaging in photography has protected me from these seemingly good substances but actually can actually cause harm in the long run. It is like I am having a natural way of relieving myself of stress.

When I was just starting taking photos, I was like a little kid because I had to learn about and discover the different parts of a DSLR camera. Yes, I bought a DSLR camera because I want to take photos with high resolution. I want to create art out of the photos I take. This is why I now have large sized photos that are framed and is displayed in my house and many of my relatives’ respective houses. During the first weeks of spending time with my new gadget, there were times that I get amaze after discovering new functions and features and how I can use them to capture photos with better quality. Those experiences alone have helped me feel relaxed and not think about the demanding tasks at work and my responsibilities at home.

What’s also relaxing about taking photos is the fact that I am in front of my subjects that are stunning and breathtaking. I am fond of landscape photography, so I had to go to places where there are great landscapes such as views of lakes, forests, mountains, fields, and even skylines. Being in front of these beautiful natural sceneries effectively relieves me of the stress I get from the busy workplace and noisy city. In addition, because these places are abundant in plants and trees, I am able to breathe in cleaner air. I have learned that inhaling more fresh oxygen really does a lot in terms of reinvigorating the body. It also helps in the proper circulation of the blood from the heart to the different systems and organs.

Another relaxing benefit of photography is the fact that it helps me become more focused in the things I do. When capturing the sceneries and framing them within the scope of the camera’s lens, I have to focus to ensure that I am framing the most beautiful part of each landscape. Because I don’t have time limit, I don’t feel any pressure and, as a result, relaxes my mind and body because I am also able to enjoy what I am looking at.

Lately, I am into nature and wildlife photography. I love it because I also get to see and mingle with different plants and animals. With these undeniable benefits, I also encourage others to try photography and discover how it can help in relaxation.

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