Regular Acupuncture Session Keeps Me Physically and Mentally Healthy

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Even though I am a young professional woman, it is my huge interest and hobby to always go outdoors to discover and explore nature. In the past ten years, I have been to many camp sites, mountain tops and other areas where I am always exposed to harsh weather conditions. Most of the times, I feel the cold and it penetrates deep into my muscles and bones. This is probably the reason why I have been feeling numbness, fatigue and minor pains during the last several years. To address the undesirable feelings I have been experiencing, I resorted to massage particularly shiatsu because I thought and I was told that helps in loosening the muscles and in relieving pain because it involves application of pressure to specific points on the body. Well, I felt the comforting feeling immediately after every session. However, it didn’t really help me in the long run. The effect is only for a short period of time. So I searched for another way that is more effective and at the same time safe and free of artificial elements. 

One day, while on my way to a camp site in Melbourne, I had a conversation with one of the campers and we talked about the things we experience or suffer from due to our outdoor activities. We found out that we share the same experiences and I learned from her that she addresses her situation by attending acupuncture sessions. She mentioned about a top Melbourne Chinese acupuncture clinic and shared that it is where she has been having her dose of regular acupuncture. Because I am still clueless about the specifics of acupuncture, I asked her several questions to have better understanding of the medical practice and so I can decide whether or not to try it. I learned from her that it is a several thousand year old medical practice in China and has spread all over the world because of its safeness and effectiveness. I learned that it involves the insertion of needles that are very thin, long and sterile. There are certain points on the body where the needles are to be inserted when trying to address certain health issues or conditions.  

Though I am already convinced about the safeness of acupuncture, I am still not convinced about its effectiveness so I asked her about the changes she felt and was she able to feel and actually become healthier mentally and physically speaking. She mentioned that after the first few sessions, she started to feel a huge difference in her physicality. She said that she became more energetic and less sleepy during the day. She also felt less of the minor pains and numbness in her muscles because she regularly goes to the clinic. She emphasized that the needles are able to help her body become more efficient in using the energy she get from the food. The needles are able to free the nerves of the things that block the energy from flowing smoothly and continuously. In Chinese medicine, this energy is called “Qi”, which should not be blocked if we want to keep our body to function normally and efficiently.  

When I went home after the camping, I contacted the clinic that my co-camper visits. I asked for an appointment the next day so I can have my first session of acupuncture. During my first experience in the clinic, I felt nervous because I really don’t know how it will feel when the needles are already being inserted into my skin. Even though my co-camper told me that it is very tolerable, I still couldn’t help but feel nervous and anxious because it is my first time. When the practitioner was already inserting the needles, I felt very minor pain. You can’t actually say that it is painful. It was like there is a low amount of electric energy that penetrates into your skin and into your bones. After a few minutes when the all of the needles were already inserted, I started to feel a very relaxing and calming feeling. It was like my body is free of stiffness and tightness. I told myself that this is probably the process when the things that block the nerves are being “melted”.  

Yesterday was my fifth session and I must say that acupuncture is really effective. I feel like I can always do more at work and in my outdoor activities. Because I feel healthier physically and mentally, I plan to continue attending to acupuncture sessions.

Now that you have learned how the health benefits of acupuncture, it would also be beneficial if you expose yourself to other articles related to health and wellness. Click here to read more interesting and helpful topics such as this. Keeping up with the latest trends is one great way of avoiding the sickness and diseases.

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