Storing Wedding Memories in Film

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Going to a good friend’s wedding is always exciting. I love seeing friends start a new life with the love of their lives, and I am happy to be able to share this wonderful moment with them. Every wedding is unique and different, with the couples bringing a part of themselves into the day.

I also look forward to seeing how the wedding photos turn out. Wedding photography has become very creative in the past few years, and I love browsing through romantic and special photos of the ceremonies I have been to.

Last weekend was another day for me to see friends getting hitched. This time, the bride was someone very close to my heart, someone I had known since childhood. Therefore, I was not just a guest, in fact, I was one of the bridesmaids. Not only could would I be seeing photos, but I was actually taking part in the wedding photography session in Ballarat. I was, naturally, very excited about this event.

Before the day itself, my friend and the bride incorporated us in some of the planning of the ceremony. This way, we knew what to expect and what we are supposed to do on this day. Although we had not met the photography team, we knew how the sessions will more or less go. Basically, there was going to be three parts divided during the day:

  1. The Preparation

The photographers were going to document every moment of this day. This means even the preparation when the bride gets her hair and make-up done. We, as bridesmaids, were also important because we were helping her get ready. This is more than just a photo opportunity, this is also a wonderful moment between girlfriends. For us, this was the time to share our excitement with the bride as she starts a new stage in her life. As we talk about honeymoon plans and joke around, drink some champagne to have fun, the photography team was able to capture this. I am sure, many years from now, when I see the pictures, I would remember the laughs, the excitement, and the hope we feel for our friend as she prepared to marry the love of her life.

The bride also had her special moment as she posed for the photographers in her beautiful gown. I have to admit, it brought a few tears to my eyes seeing her so breathtakingly stunning. I can only imagine at this point how her groom would react seeing her walk down the aisle.

Afterward, there was the session of the bride with her bridesmaids. We were all, by this time, wearing our gowns as well. This was also a fun and exciting part, as we posed for photos in the scenic garden where the wedding was taking place.

  1. The Ceremony

Finally, it was time to see my friend getting married. The photographers were, of course, waiting with their cameras and waiting to capture every moment of it. From the moment we walk down the aisle to when the bride takes her walk, the cameras were there to shoot everything.

As they exchange vows and say their “I dos”, you could see some eyes tearing up. After all, most of us were overwhelmed with joy for them and you could simply feel the deep love they felt for each other. It was wonderful having the photographers documenting everything because the bride and groom would love to see in the future how touched we all were in this moment. In fact, this is one of the most important reasons why these wedding photos are important so that they can view the ceremony from different angles.

As they also walked out as husband and wife and shared their first kiss, we were cheering and so happy for the newlyweds. And of course, these important moments were also captured in film.

  1. The Reception

After the ceremony, some group photos were taken, and the team also proceeded to the reception to photograph the picture-perfect venue. All the tiny details, the beautiful tables and the wedding cake that the planners have carefully prepared were, this time, the subject. It was also important to record them in film before the guests arrived.

Soon after, it was party time. The mood was great, celebratory and we were all ready to have fun. However, first came some traditional moments that were also part of the documentation, for example, the couple cutting the cake and feeding each other, the first dance and the speeches. The great photography team patiently and meticulously kept their eyes open for wonderful shots and captured all the memorable moments of the reception. However, as the program ended and the party began, they finally took their break and what happened as people started getting a bit wild and drunk remained undocumented. Some moments are better left only in our memories, after all.

Maybe some people view wedding photography as a luxury, another expensive cost that the bride and groom have to pay for. However, it serves a very important purpose in giving the couple wonderful memories of the best day of their lives. As I also participated in the wedding photography session, I could finally understand it as well. This day was only going to happen once, but through photos, we could relive it over and over again in the future.

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