The Benefits of Swimming for Babies

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The early days, weeks and months of your child are one of the crucial stages in his or her life because it is the time when many parts of him or her is developing. For one, it is the time when the brain keeps growing and the cognitive functions start to manifest. It is also the time when you will notice rapid changes in the body over the course of a few weeks and months. Though the body is far softer, sensitive and delicate as compared to the body of an adult, it is truly beneficial to let and teach him or her to swim in a safe pool. Yes, swimming is an activity that can make your baby stronger and smarter. Medical and health care experts actually highly recommend swimming for babies.

If you’re not convinced about the benefits of swimming for babies, below are the top reasons why should allow your baby play in the pool:  

Basic Life Saving and Water Awareness

When babies are exposed to water at such a very young age, they will become comfortable with it and will not find it difficult later on to survive in accidents like sinking of ship, rapid flooding, and others that involve water. This is because they will not have the tendency to panic and, as a result, will know what to do in times of accidents or situations that require survival. Though you can do the teaching yourself, it is still far better to leave the task to the professionals who teach in swimming classes. Part of the swimming classes is the basic skills for water safety. In this way, babies become more aware of the water and the safety measures they can apply later on. When babies continue to attend regular classes, they will definitely gain respect for water and will never get intimidated by it.   

Physical Independence and Self Awareness

One of the striking and very helpful benefits of being submerged in water is the sensation and feeling of self-awareness. When you are in water, you feel the water that goes against your body, which in turn makes you also full aware of your physicality. When not in water, like just lying on the bed, a baby will never learn how to move quickly. But whenever babies are floating on water, they can freely move their hands, feet, and other parts of the body without getting injuries. They are able to move and exercise their bones and muscles without the risk of suffering from joint pains as well. But more than these, they are also able to learn coordination and balance. This is something that will be very beneficial and advantageous as they continue to grow. They won’t difficulty in learning other things and doing other activities that require coordination and balance.

Self-Esteem and Confidence

There are two ways by which babies are able to build their high level of confidence and self-esteem. One is when they learn how to float on water, how to move with balance, and how not to shrunk at the bottom of the pool. When they are able to do these, they become confident because they discovered that they can do something that proves they are skilled and capable. Another way they gain high self-esteem and confidence is whenever they get recognition and praises for their achievements. In swimming classes, babies are praised for every achievement they earn.

Brain Development

Aside from providing the babies breast milk and healthy food, they are also able to develop their brain when they engage in activities like swimming. Whenever they are in class, the physical awareness they discover, the independence they feel, the association the learn, and the many experiences they encounter every day are all contributing to the further and healthier development of their brain. These things stimulate their senses and, thus, develop and speedily improve their cognitive functions.

Social Skills

Learning how to socialize is a very important lesson that every person should be taught about. When they don’t learn this at a young age, they will probably have a hard time mingling and socializing with others when they are in public places like the school. Part also of the process is learning about team work, independence and good social skills.

Healthy Lifestyle

Today, there are many people that suffer from illnesses at a very young age because they don’t do exercises or physically challenging activities. But when you enroll your babies in swimming classes, you are teaching them to have a healthy and active lifestyle. This is something that they will continue to do as they grow up because they got used to doing it while they are very young.

Undeniably, swimming is very beneficial and has a lot of advantages for babies until they become kids and adults later on.

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