Why Going to a Physiotherapist is a Wise Decision

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When you get older, there are things that you experience that make it a little harder to complete your daily tasks. Now that I am ageing, I can say that I am never like when I was during my younger years. When I was in my 20s, I can do a lot of things without feeling tired in a single day. I can study several subjects at school and in the library and I can also perform several tasks at home.

Today, I easily get tired after a few minutes of starting a single household chore or task at work. There are also body functions that I cannot perform efficiently. For example, I now find it more difficult to turn my head and upper body when I have to look at left, right and backward directions. In my many years of existence, I never became a fan of synthetic drugs. As much as possible, I would use home remedies or alternative treatments that don’t rely on the intake of over the counter or prescribed medicines.  

One day while I was surfing the Web, I stumbled upon a blog that discussed about physical therapy or physiotherapy. I got curious about it so I read more and was amazed with the things that I have learned. I learned that physiotherapy is a treatment that involves exercise and movement, education, manual therapy and advice to help people recover from disability, illness or injury.

What’s awesome about the therapy is that it can be applied to people of different ages. This allows all kinds of people to maintain good health through prevention of diseases and management of pain. A physio in Toorak area is able to do all these. In addition to these, the profession of physiotherapy helps in the encouragement of patient’s health development and facilitation of recovery from an unhealthy condition. In this way, patients are able to do their work and are also able to maintain their independence for the longest time possible.  

Though I can learn a lot about physiotherapy on the Web, I decided to stop researching and told myself that it’s better to personally ask a professional physiotherapist. So, I went to the nearest physio clinic in Toorak the next day. In the clinic, I asked the physiotherapist a lot of things because I want to be sure when I decide to avail physical therapy as a long term treatment. One of the things I asked is about the benefits that other treatments and medications cannot provide. The therapist enumerated several benefits such as prevention of disability, injury and disease.

The benefits also include promotion of overall health and wellness, physical activity, and optimal mobility, management of acute and chronic health conditions, participation restrictions, and activity limitations, improvement and maintenance of physical performance and optimal functioning independence, education and plan of maintaining and supporting programs that prevent functional decline, re-injury or re-occurrence, and rehabilitation of injury and the effects of disability or disease through the use of therapeutic exercises and other related interventions. With these goals, it became clearer to me that physiotherapy is going to be effective in my case because it does not involve medicines that may be risky or pose side effects later on.

I was happy with the lengthy discussion with the physiotherapist. After learning a lot of very valuable and relevant information, we proceeded with the application of some body movements and exercises to address my condition. Since the problem in my case are the stiffness of my neck and lower back, she asked me to perform several light stretching exercises to help in the loosening of stiff muscles. She said that with continuous execution of said exercises, the muscles in my neck and back will become more loose and relaxed. This will result to muscles that regained their flexibility.

The physiotherapist emphasized that the ability to move without difficulty is all about having flexible and strong muscles. So aside from light exercises, I was also advised to include light weight exercises to help increase my strength and capability to carry heavy things.  

For my neck, the exercises that I need to execute include pointing of the head to different directions for a few seconds or minutes. For example, I need to look at the right side and hold the position for 24 counts. The same should be done to the left side. Another exercise is to bend the neck in different directions. Using my hand, I need to hold my head and bend it to the right and hold the position for a few seconds. The same should be done to the left, forward and backward directions.

When it comes to my back, I was advised to perform several poses similar to yoga. Others are actually yoga poses. The same principle with neck exercises is used because the back muscles and bones have to be relaxed and loosened.  

Now, I have been doing the exercises for several weeks and I have visited the clinic twice already. I can proudly and confidently say that I have regained muscle flexibility and strength. More importantly, I don’t feel any muscle and joint pains now. I noticed that the pain subsided gradually over time.

Giving importance to your health is the best way to prevent oneself from getting sick. You can achieve this by keeping up with the latest trends about good health and wellness. There are interesting topics to read and information to learn when you click here.  

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